ESS Hungary

Hungary joins the countries in the ESS Steering Committee
2009. 12. 21. 10.05

As a result of recent discussions between delegations of Sweden ‚Ä?on behalf of the ESS Steering Committee (STC) ‚Ä?and Hungary, an agreement has been reached on Hungary joining the Pre-Construction Phase of the European Spallation Source. On this basis the Hungarian representatives are invited to take part as members on the next meeting of the STC on 3 February. >Details>

Letter of Intent on Joining the Pre-Construction Phase of the European Spallation Source, ESS
2009. 10. 16. 13.31

The Hungarian Government is committed to actively support the Lisbon agenda and the construction of the European Research Area (ERA). These goals can only be achieved by the broad cheap jordans collaboration of all countries in the European Union on a basis of equitably shared efforts and benefits, in the service of best efficiency. Letter

Hungary wants the ESS

2008. 09. 21. 23:00:00

Homepage of the economic daily Napi Gazdaság: The Hungarian government decided to guarantee a sum of 90 billion HUF as the own resources, which will constitute a part of the country’s contribution to the European Spallation Source project in Hungary. Moreover, Géza Egyed was appointed as Government Commissioner for ESS Hungary. >Next>

government provides funds

2008. 09. 11.,

Homepage of the Municipality of Debrecen: State Secretary of the Ministry for National Development and Economy Géza Egyed announced at the September 11 (Thursday) government press conference that the Hungarian government guarantees a sum of 90 billion HUF as the country’s 30 percent own resources necessary for the building of the European Spallation Source. >Next>

Hungary guarantees 90 billion for the European Spallation Source
2008.09.11. 19:35

Homepage of Duna Television: President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences József Pálinkás welcomed the government’s decision to provide the own resources necessary for the implementation of the ESS. According to Pálinkás, the investment will have an enormous impact on the Hungarian scholarly community and discourse. The facility will significantly improve the situation of the Hungarian researchers and the chances of the Hungarian scientific field.. >Next>

P√°link√°s welcomes the financing of neutron research
2008. 09. 11. 18.31

Hírextra, news portal: According to President
of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences J√≥zsef P√°link√°s, the government‚Äôs decision to guarantee the country‚Äôs own resources in the building of the European Spallation Source is fundamentally positive. He found that 30 percent is such a significant cheap jordans share that it paves the way for involving more partners in the investment. As he expressed: ‚Ä?0 percent, 90 billion HUF is a serious enough offer, and a good enough basis provided by the government to rely upon in convincing more investors to build this facility in Hungary. >Next>

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